We want your child to love visiting the dentist! That’s why we’ve designed our entire practice around a child’s comfort and needs. From the artwork to our hygiene area to our touch-screen computer games, every aspect of our office works to help reduce your child’s dental anxiety and make a visit to the dentist fun!

We strive to create a joyful, welcoming environment at every point along your child’s visit. We nurture your child’s natural curiosity by explaining everything we do in child-friendly terms, and our team members are always ready with a reassuring smile.

Our Office is Designed with a Child’s Comfort in Mind

Dr. Laura, Dr. Rachel, and Team strive to create an environment that is more than just welcoming to our patients and their families–we strive to make it fun, too!

We designed every aspect of our office with a child’s comfort and enjoyment in mind. Our colorful, playful decor creates a joyful environment as soon as a family enters our toothbrush-handled door!  Once inside, children can play with our touch-screen video games, blocks, books, and other toys while they wait for their appointment.

As children walk back to our treatment areas, they are greeted with playful artwork to enjoy.  These fun pictures and sculptures help keep nerves away and reassure the child they are in a child-friendly place.  Whether seated in a chair in the hygiene area or in a treatment room each child has a movie screen above their chair.  They can relax while they watch a familiar movie favorite, or be excited to watch the newest releases we have.

Our Open Bay Hygiene Area Keeps Fears Away

When your child gets a cleaning and check up, they will be seated in our bright, open bay hygiene area.  Why so open?  To a child, an open bay is less threatening than a more confined, closed area typically found in adult practices. It also enables the child to see others relaxing encourages the same behavior in them. Finally, it also means plenty of room for a parent if the child needs that presence for extra encouragement.

All Visits End on a High Note

At the end of the visit, children earn a token and get to visit our Treasure Tower.  By ending all visits on this positive note, the child leaves with positive thoughts of returning for their next visit.  Plus, it’s just fun!